Connection Hub and Beauty: Lamezia Terme Airport

The international airport of Lamezia Terme, located in the region of Calabria, Southern Italy, stands as one of the main airports in the area. Established in 1976, this facility has undergone significant expansions and improvements over the years, becoming a vital gateway for travelers heading to the region and its picturesque tourist destinations.

Strategically positioned on the Tyrrhenian coast, Lamezia Terme Airport serves not only as an entry point for tourists looking to explore Calabria and its breathtaking beaches, but also as a major hub for domestic and international flights.

Equipped with modern facilities and efficient services, the airport ensures a pleasant and comfortable travel experience for passengers. Among the services offered are numerous shops, restaurants, and lounges, as well as a wide range of ground transportation services to easily reach desired destinations.

Thanks to its geographical location and modern infrastructure, Lamezia Terme Airport continues to play a crucial role in facilitating connections between Calabria and the rest of the world, contributing to the tourism and economic development of the region.